Unable to generate multipart S/MIME message in IS 8.2.2


I’m having an issue when generating an S/MIME with multiple bodyparts in IS 8.2. Whenever i try to sign a MIME message with more than 1 bodypart, i receive the following error:

com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISS.0086.9054] Could not create signed SMIME object javax.mail.MessagingException: Please use SMimeBodyPart instead of MimeBodyPart!

I’ve made a small test flow which basically creates a MIME message, adds 2 text/plain quoted-printable bodyparts, adds a header, puts it in an envelope, and finally signs it (at which point it fails with the error above). The same test flow works perfectly in IS 8.0.

Is there anything i could have overlooked when generating the S/MIME message which could result in this error?

Hello again,

After checking with SAG, we were told that this is an ongoing issue, and that there is a workaround for this. Setting the “explicit” flag in the “pub.smime.keystore:createSignedData” service to false seems to work for us.