Unable to find Process Developer Perspective in Designer

Hi all,

I have recently installed WM7.1 and all other WM components on my local machine. I have installed Designer 7.2 . But when I open the Designer, I am not able to see Process Developer persepctive. I neither see “Capabilities” under Window → Preferences–> General …nor do I see Webmethods under Window -->Preferences.
May be a basic question but i have already spent some time deintsalling the whole WM and reinstalling it. Any help would be appreciated.

I am attaching Two Screenshots in a single image file.


During installation, make sure to select Designer > ‘Process Development’ option without which ‘Process Development’ perspective will not appear…

If your image doesn’t have it downloaded, use installer and connect to empower… Point to the same installation directory and choose only the above option from the list…