Unable to edit a database connector action

Seen lately (last couple of days) that it is not possible to edit existing database actions/queries. Just wanted to see if others have the same problem. The exact same problem happens in multiple tenants/environments.

(Creating a new action and editing this new one works fine. All old ones are problematic.)

Product/components used and version/fix level:


Detailed explanation of the problem:

When editing an existing database action, an error is shown:
“An error occurred while processing your request. Contact support.”

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

This is for a customer (paid) environment

@hakan.hansson, can you please tell me as you have successfully established a connection with database in webmethods.io(Software AG cloud).

Database you are using is it a cloud database? if yes, which Database are you using.
if NO, how did you established a connection with Database in webmethods.io

I myself am trying connect Database in webmethods.io using connecters like MongoDB, MongoDB Atlas, etc…

Another Questions is are you able to create Adapters in webmethods.io ?
if YES, Please explain how.
Adapter for inserting, selecting, updating and deleting records in Database using Webmethods.io

NOTE: everything i am trying is in Free Forever version.

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