Unable to create the SOap Body

hi everybody,

I am trying to connect to a webservice. i downloaded the WSLD and created the webservic connectors.

there is a connecter named create that has a input structure

-------------------- String2
(this shows the hierarchy)

created a flow service which calls the above service with an input

-------object1-----------------Document(not document list)

and mapped the boject1 of the flow input the tns1bject of the webservice connector.

and then i am using DocumentToXmlString

and then trying to create the body using Soap.Util:CreateBodyEntry.

but then it is giving me an error stating that
all body element must have a proper Namespace name

i tried this with an example since the webconnector uses a input sepecification. and the test service is not trowing any exception.

could any body please tell me what mistake iam making.

thanks in advance


Check in the WmSamples package service (sample.soap:buildMsg_sendHTTP)this will help you understanding of creating SOAP bodyEntry and see what you are missing.


When we have a documentList as a child under a single document.And under the child documentList if we want to map any variable to another single variable by giving the index in the mapping then we face a problem there.
If we give the index any number then it is working fine. But if we give %variable% then it does not work.(variable with the proper value at that time present in the pipeline)
But if we take a documentList as a parent document and directly from the parent documentList if we want to map a variable to a single variable with the index %variable% then it is working fine. Please can anyone tell me the proper reason for this.


Please make sure the variable path is correct when you do the %variable% and check the variable substitution.