Unable to add policy file in provider WSD

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I am using wM9.6 version. I have a Username_Token.policy file which is been placed at instances\default\config\wss\policies location. I selcted the provider WSD, click on policies tab but I can see that ‘Attach Policy’ option is geard out by which I can’t able to add the policy, please help me how to resolve this. Also, if I am going to consume a webService which is utilizing Username_Token policy, what all I should do as part of consumer WSD. Thanks for yur time in helping me.


Hi Ravi,

To attach a policy to a web service descriptor, the Pre-8.2 compatibility mode property of the web service descriptor must be set to false. Can you please check and confirm.

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Thanks man, initially it was set to true, changed it to false, be able to add.


That’s OK. Thanks for the update and closing the thread.