UM realm connection fails frequently with nsps

We are using nsps port for connecting to UM from the IS, both 10.15. This connection is not stable, I often see realm disconnected with below mentioned error. If I restart UM, it is good for some time but gets disconnected again. The connection seems to be stable if I use nhp 9000, issue seems to be occurring when I use nsps. Any ideas about this?

[ISS.0153.0094E] (tid=745) Unable to start webMethods Messaging connection alias IS_UM_CONNECTION. The server will attempt to reconnect every 20 seconds: [ISS.0153.9051] Error initializing UM session: com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nRealmUnreachableException: Realm is currently not reachable:Realm was still unreachable after max retry count - 0

It may be best to raise a support incident as the logs will need to be analysed to understand what is occurring.

I would also suggest to install the latest UM Server fixes if they are not already applied.


I have noticed one of my customer run in to similar issue in last fall (september) when they moved to new Data Center as part of 10.15 upgrade. Turns out UM does DNS lookups against the IS and if there are any delays in the DNS lookups then the connections were getting dropped. We opened a ticket with SAG and the recommendation at that time was to disable the DNS lookups. You can change this property on the UM Config under Global values. Set the EnableDNSLookups to false.

Having said that, that fixed the issue for our installation but disabling DNS lookups can have unintended consequences at a product level. You might want to open a ticket with SAG and see if they have an updated solution for this issue like increasing the timeout of the DNS etc.


I did use another work around for a different customer where i had to increase the Auth time to 10 seconds on the UM since the DNS lookups were slow (infrastructure issue) and needed more than 3 seconds to complete the lookup. That fixed the issue as well.


This issue got resolved after installing the latest UM fix. Thank you Joshua for the suggestion. Thanks to Akshith too for sharing detailed information about the issue faced and the solution.