UM processing


Can someone please let me know Is there any way to hold the particular document in UM for 3min ?
Our requirement is to check the response from target , if response is valid we send the success response to source . If the response is invalid we need to retry to target with same data after 3min and check the response and process goes on till we get success response.

So we are planning to use pub-sub model here and hold the doc for 3min.

Thanks in advance

There different approaches to accompolish this,

  • by setting a TTL on the UM Queue/Channel
  • by adding some delay in the trigger processing service
  • by persisting the message payload into the DB, then kick-off the process to check the response from target and process accordingly
  • by implementing request/response model (wait for a response), check WmPublic services guide

Let me know if you have any questions and which approach you want to go with?

Thanks for reply Mahesh.

Could you please let me know the first and second approach in detail.

one more thing , Would there be any problem if I specify TTL for 5min ?

I do not think so, but let me know your current flow design in detail so that we can discuss more about the two approaches.