UCC Net Solutions

Dear all,

Is anyone aware of the WebMethod solutions on UCC Net. I am trying to get information on this topic.



Sandeep, are you looking for implementatin details or for high-level discussion about UCCNet and webMethods?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for responding. I am looking for following -

  • What solutions does WebMethods offers under UCC Net domain
  • How does WebMethods Partner get access to these solutions, any
    whitepapers published describing implementation strategy etc.



webMethods provides UCCNet adapter through their PS. It’s called UCCNet field adapter. This means the help desk does not provide support. It’s only available through PS.


Hai everybody
I am new to the UCCnet Module and I would like to know what are the services that are offered by the UCCnet.
I appreciate any help provided to me

If you downloaded and installed the UCCnet module you should find some documentation under the docs directory for the UCCnet package.

You can also find documentation at webMethods Advantage:
Go to Advantage, and then select links:
Home > Bookshelf > Industry Solutions Documentation > webMethods UCCnet Module

If you are looking for implementation assistance please let me know. Our company has been implementing the latest version of the UCCnet module (6.0.3.).



Hai Wayne,
Thank you for the the sujjestion I will go through the documentation. Can you please tell me the differences between the 6.0.2 and 6.0.3.I studied the 6.0.2. I dont think there are significant changes in the enhanced version. Please let me know if you find one.

Dear all,

Is anyone aware of the WebMethod solutions on Rosatanet
. I am trying to get information on this topic.



Hi Sridhar,
Altough i have not worked in wMs RosettaNet Module, but installed it and these briefs are from below mentioned pdfs.

The wM rosettaNet module is an implementation of the RosettaNet
Implementation Framework (RNIF), versions 1.1 and 2.0. Leveraging the wM platform process modeling and management capabilities and XML business document recognition capabilities, with wM rosettaNet module one can implement open and common e-business Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) and their implementation guidelines.

Documentation for wMs RosettaNet module is located in the
packages\WmRosettaNet\pub\doc directory of the WmRosettaNet
package where you installed the server. The following manuals
are provided as PDF files:

  • webMethods RosettaNet Module Installation Guide,Version 6.0.1
  • webMethods RosettaNet Module User’s Guide Version 6.0.1
  • webMethods RosettaNet Module Sample Guide Version 6.0.1
  • webMethods RosettaNet Module Built-In Services Reference Guide
    Version 6.0.1

Hopes now you got little idea abt it.

Puneet Saxena

Is any out there implemented the UCCnet supplier side query worklist functionality??

If so please throw some info on how to code this…
any help will be appreciated.



Check this thread link,regarding general Rosettanet,different RNO(PIP’s), info.

Also go thru the webMethods-Rosettanet documentation/path as mentioned by Puneet Saxena.

Let us know if you have any questions.