Uable to see Task Engine option in MWS

I am using 8.2 IS. I installed Task engine, but i am unable to see Task Engine option MWS?
Suggest me…

Have installed MWS user interface for task engine? Hope it should solve your issue

Check under Servers.

Probably it is displayed there.

If not, try restarting the MWS (occassionally 2 times).

It can happen, that MWS takes several restarts until all new components are completely registered.

If none of the above helps, considere reinstalling the TaskEngine-Part for the MWS.

As TaskEngine is hosted by the MWS (instead of on the IS like ProcessEngine), there is no separate UI-Entry for this in the installer.

But you will additionally require the TaskClient-Package for the IS to interoperate with the TaskEngine on the MWS.