Types of Map

What is the difference b/w clone, shared, base, complex map?

As far i know…

Clone map is map for a single trading partner that is derived from previously developed map. Having same document type, same industry standard version, same direction(i/b or o/b) and same back-end office application as previously developed map.

Base map is data translation. The logic to tranlsate data from input to output has a one to one relationship and sufficient test data to verify that translation is working fine.

Complex map is a map that requires data content verification, complex data structures or file level manipulation.

If the above is correct what is shared map?

From where did you read or learn about these categories? I’ve not come across these in any of the wM-supplied documentation. Perhaps previous developers/consultants provided these for your organization?

I dont remember exactly were i have read about this. But in my project i have come across the clone, shared, base map. Little confused in differentiation.

But in FMD, What is “Clone existing GXS map”?

It sounds those are just general/routine terms used by your Integration/Middleware project team internally who ever derived it earlier days of their projects.

So didn’t they shared/KT that info by your past/present project teams?

FMD you meant “functional mapping document”


I see your city in your profile. Are you working at a sports equipment manufacturer in Carlsbad? Just curious.