Two documents to the same Process


There is a requirement to receive two documents to a single process model. The reason for this is

  1. Document 1 with info like operation1 need to be processed in the Process
  2. Document 2 with a field which will connect to Document 1 but for operation 2 when published need to be received in this same process.
  3. The process is going to be designed in such a way to complete only when there is success processing Document 1 and Document 2.

Presently, each of these documents kick off a separate process and are independent.

The idea is to kick off a process when one of these documents is received, but keep listening to the second document with the connecting field value and then process document 2 also in this same process.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Venkat,

can you share an outline of the process model?
I.e. is document 2 joining the process at a later step in the process or is it joining the the same receive step as document 1.

What you are looking for is a correlation service, which identifies the running instance from document 1 when document 2 arrives. Hopefully you have a value in your data which is the same across both documents.