Tutorial about webMethods.io Integration workflows from learn.softwareag.com

Just a quick question. I’m currently learning about creating REST APIs in webMethods.io Integration 10.15 (using WorkFlows) and then exposing those APIs in API Gateway.

I’ve begun this tutorial: Access rights validated

But saw it was being used with an older version, so I wanted to ask if this was still the best tutorial for my current situation, or if there was something more recent?

Hi Daniel, which version is the mentioned tutorial for?
My guess is it’s still relevant, but changes/new features can be found here Release 10.15 - webMethods.io Integration. If anything’s not working as expected, please post it here and we can troubleshoot it.
If you want the most up-to-date information I’d suggest you always check documentation first https://docs.webmethods.io/
Videos usually take longer to get updated/recreated, especially with cloud products that get updates all the time.

the video was able to work for me and I got APIs developed successfully. thanks

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Hi @daniel.evans . I created that training. You are correct, it’s slightly out of date but is mostly relevant. It also gives people a challenge of figuring things out.
The cloud tenants get updated every few months and this is more frequent than the training can be updated and released.
In most cases the training is still useful on the new cloud tenant versions, otherwise they would be put on the top of the queue for update.
Anyway, I’m glad you got the API developed. Make sure to check out the other training on API management.