API Management in webMethods

Hi Community Members

Please suggest some good content or knowledge source to start with related to API management & API lifecycle in webMethods integration 10.11

I would like to learn & understand various options, features and capabilities offered by webMethods 10.11 related to API management and lifecycle e.g. Design, Management, Security, Policy Enforcement, Catalogs, Publish, Discovery, Gateway etc

Any good knowledge base / training material / tech community articles etc that you may like to mention or advise?


Here you go -

  1. Release Notes for 10.11 (link)
  2. API Management documentation (link)
  3. API Management Basic Course (link)
  4. API Management Essentials Course (link)

Note - I believe that the aforesaid 2 courses are free, but register and check.

More Courses are available on the learning portal (link) - register as a new user.
Use the filters on the left or search for specific products. Not all courses are free, but there’s enough self-paced content to get you started and then some.



In addition, you can check the API Management content in on the Community:

And the GitHub repositories we have here: