The TServerNotAvailableException exception is thrown when I try to access my database using

The message is “Server Not Available!”

However I can access the database using the url in a browser :-


This returns a list of myEntity as part of an xql:result set.

The java code has worked in the past on a linux machine to which I no longer have access.
The machine I am currently using is Windows2000 server.

Is there any way I can retrieve more information than “Server Not Available!”
on either the client or server side?

Any information or pointers would be extremely useful at this point.
Thank you.

Just some extra information
TServerNotAvailableException is the deepest exception.
The URL in my message has a typeo it should be

There is an answer to my question in this forum dated 12 June 02. I am also using Servlets and needed to have log4j-core.jar and xerces.jar in my .war distribution file.
Thanks Andreas F, and Martin Schumacher who posed the original question.