Trying to publish WSD/Service to Centrasite from designer

Hi All,

I have configured Centrasite on IS.I can see all Services and Virtual services in Centrasite Asset Catalog on designer,but while I am trying to publish any service or Web service descriptor to centrasite , I can see below error in error logs

Cannot publish packages during load or unload
Caused by: [ISS.0138.9113] Cannot publish packages during load or unload

Can someone Please help me out on this.

Priya Bhagat

Hi Priya,

anything in the IS server.log related to this?
Related to Unloading or Loading packages?

Try to reload the affected package in IS.

As a last option restart the IS.


Priya – Please check the permissions of the packages which are having the issue, if they looks okay, please re-load and perform your activity.


Hi All,

Thank you all of you for your suggestions.
I have already tried to load/refresh the package/server, restarted the server too but the issue is remain same.

Server log error

[ISS.0138.9113] Cannot publish packages during load or unload
Caused by: [ISS.0138.9113] Cannot publish packages during load or unload

but I tried another way from Centrasite Asset catalog, from there I have created a new asset and attached the WSDL so the service is reflecting in Centrasite, but while trying to publish a service from designer facing the same issue.


Hi, I am trying to connect CentraSite (v9.5) from the designer (v9.9) when I am establishing a connection to centrasite from windows/preferences/CentraSite/Connections when I am trying to add new connection I am getting the error as “Trying to connect to old server which is not compatible with this version of Eclipse plugins!”
Please help me what needs to be done and let me know the corrective actions.
Both installed in my local system and up and running.


H Madhava,

as the error message points out the versions of Designer and CentraSite do not match for compatibility.

Do you have the chance to upgrade the CentraSite server to 9.9?

Eventually you will have to apply some fixes to your centrasite installation as well as to the designer centrasite common libs and devleopment plugins.


Hi Holger,

Thanks, for your information. I will give a try and let you know.

Is there any best practices for upgrading the centrasite version and the pluggins for the designer centrasite.


Hi Madhava,

The Designer can be updated directly by using Update Manager (SUM).

For Upgrading CentraSite Server sse the Upgrade Guide for 9.9.

Please note that I am currently not using CentraSite.
Maybe someone else already did this type of upgrade.