trying to get the full path of the field from IS doc...

Hi All…

Is there any built in service which will give total path of each field of the IS document as output.

For Ex : Lets say I have a IS doc … Invoice

Invoice (Main Document)
Custom (Inner Document)

I need to get output as below…


Any suggestions…

Thanks in advance

There is no built-in service for this. You got to write java service and use api to extract this information.


As has been said, there is no “standard” service for this. But you did not tell what exactly you try to do.

If you want to list the fields that are in a document at runtime then you probably have to create a java service which would recursively traverse the document (IData structure) and collect the paths of the fields.

If however you want to statically analyze a document type then I think that there are some services in WmRoot to do this. I’m not sure what they are but there should be something. Otherwise the developer would not be able to show the document structure. Agood reference would be the package WmDoc which can show the document structure, service signature etc.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your suggestions Senthil and fml2.

I have tried in so many ways without writing java service, but i realized it could not be done without java code…

i will try to write a java code to do this task…