Trying to create a Cluster setup among the realm servers

Hi All, hope you are doing good.

I am using wM96

Trying to create a Cluster set-up among the realm servers.

Created 3 realm servers namely nirvana2(runs on port 19000, nirvana33( runs on port 39000 ),nirvana44 (runs on port 49000) in my local. In Enterprise Manager added details of nirvana2 realm but when trying to add nirvana33 and nirvana44 getting below error for nirvana33 and nirvana44

Unable to establish communications with the RealmServer:

Kindly suggest how to overcome this ?

Thanks for your time


Hi Mates,

Please help me on this.

BR, Anil

what you are describing should work fine - and I use this on my local laptop all the time.
How did you create the additional realms? Did you use ninstancemanager?
If so, what precise inputs did you provide?
Are you sure the additional instances are running?

I created them with below syntax.

ninstancemanager create nirvana33 all 39000
ninstancemanager create nirvana44 all 49000

Yes, I make them up, running.

BR, Anil

You better stop everything, start using startNirvana program which you can see in programs. Hope it should work as you followed correct syntax.


Thanks Jonathan for your time.

Thanks MR, I did the steps which you listed, now I can able to add all 3.

BR, Anil.