TryCatch Sequence vs Service Audit Logging in IS 601

Hi All,
As I understand the Try/Catch Sequences are refered to as the prefered way of error handlig where it is possible to catch the error and deal with with it using pub.flow:getLastError. However when one is using the Service Auditing then the caught errors are not written to the IS Core Audit and the status of the failed service is “Completed” instead of “Failed”.

I was wondering if it is possible to catch the errors in flows to do some custom error handling (e.g. send an email with error info) but to have the standard Service Auditing still functioning meaning that the failed service would be written in the Audit database as “Failed”. I would imagine that this would work if after doing the custom error handling one could rethrow the service exception but I cannot see any Built-In service to rethrow. Of course I could do all that in a Java service but I would like to know if this is possible in the Flow.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Januasz,

Easiest thing that you can do is that in the catch sequence, get the error using ‘pub.flow:getLastError’ and then send an email with the error. Next step is to call Exit with Error, with the failure message being lastError/error itself.

-Rajesh Rao


U can work around this by using a top level service that does not handle exceptions but only call “this” service. Now your existing service can handle exceptions and since it has a top level service that does not handle exceptions auditing could be enabled and positive.