Try catch not grabing exeptions

Hello everyone,

Is possible to grab exeptions that are trown in the flow service level?

For example, in the image bellow the “BRANCH” with “evaluate label” as false returns an exeption because does not have any “switch” property. Howver the TRY-CATCH block does not grab that exeption

I have also tried to grab the exeption with “SEQUENCES” in the old way. For example, in the image bellow the “INVOKE” service does not exists and trows an excepion, however the sequences do not route the error in the proper way.

If I raise an exeption with “EXIT” step or inside an “INVOKE” step, booth aproaches grab the exception. But I wanted to grab all execeptions, to return a proper error.

Thanks in advance!
João Marques

I’d view these as a “compile time” error, although this is obviously an exception at run-time.

This scenario should never exist in deployed code and should be resolved by the developer within minutes of making these mistakes. Deployer will catch the “missing service” error at deployment time.

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