Trouble with TSO

Hi everybody,

I currently have a job that runs on the mainframe and it keeps displaying the jcl above the output whenever I run the job. How do I get the job not to display its code? is this a program problem or something in my jcl.


can you make your problem more visible, e.g. sending a screen-shot or a part of the listing?

As I understand your problem, it concerns the sd output, not Natural.

In ISPF’s (or sd.h) do not enter an ‘s’ before the job to view, but a ‘?’. Then you will see a list of all the datasets in the job. Mark the dataset with your output with ‘s’ and press enter.

Hey thanks, I think my problem may be a little deeper. That suggestion did work. However I am running this program through an online submit, for some reason I cannot get it to display my SAR output with the job in my holding que