Trouble Installing Web Methods

While Installing Active Platform for Windows server we faced the following error

The command c:\active41\bin\broker_create.exe created the following output:
Unable to open connection to host ‘localhost’.Error ‘ Connection refused: no further information’ was reported by socket call.

We also checked the webmothods server that was already running previously and while try to connect to it we encountered a similar error which was:

The connection error was:

Unable to open connection to host ‘mmx’. Error ‘ Connection refused:
no further information’ was reported by the socket call.

Trying to reconnect again…

Comm Failure (102-2050): Unable to open connection to host ‘server’. Error
‘ Connection refused: no further information’ was reported by the
socket call. (BrokerServerClient-7199)

We are facing problems in installing the webmothods server as well as running the already installed server.Kindly try to look for a resolution of this problem and kindly reply ASAP.

Hi Mohammed,

This problem usually occurs when the specified port is wrong. Please check if you are specifying the correct port. Check if no other programs are accessing the same port. Check that you have the port enabled. Check that you have enough rights on this port.

  • Rajesh Rao

Thank you for the message but this suddenly started happening. Not only is it giving trouble while installing but already installed application has also started giving the same error. Its happening in three different servers.

We have changed the port but the results are same.

Hi Zahid,

What is the version of Windows Server ?

The webMethods Enterprise Server software can run only on a Windows NT or Windows 2000 machine. It does not run on Windows 95 or Windows 98.

The webMethods Enterprise tools can run on Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows 2000 machines.

Steps to be followed while installation…

  1. Under the <home> directory create a temp_platform directory.
  2. Unzip the into this temp_platform directory.
  3. Copy the installer into the temp_platform directory.
  4. Change to the temp_platform directory and execute the installer
  5. Change the install directory to <home>/webmethods4x
  6. Change the server data directory to <home>/awbrokers4x/default

Test the Installation:

  1. Change to <home>/webmethods4x/bin directory and do a borker_ping <host>. The broker should be up and running.


This thread might be of help.

I want to send an 855 acknowledgement to the sender via TN from IS when the receiver gets 850 document from can i create EDI ANSI X12 855 document in IS and send it to TN.

You can create EDI documents in the wM Admin acreen.Go to Admin, click on EDI…(under Solutions).This will pop up another window, where on your left hand side you will see Install EDI Doc Types.Click on this and you can install various EDI documents.These will automatically show in your TN.

Puneet Verma