Trouble in opening a database in a deamon


I used to develop a deamon (process started by InetD) on Adabas version over hpux 11.00. The main objective of this process was to insert some data in a database and it was running well.

Now we migrate on Adabas version 3.3.2 over hpux 11.11, I rebuild my program ans it’s no longuer working. The error code is 148 and there is nothing in “add2” of the reply structure.

The think I do :
I take a part of the sample given by SAG, and I put some modification to make an insert in my database.
From the shell running as root with “sagenv” imported it works well.
The same program started by “inetd” does’nt work, I try to put exacltly the same environnement vars but I’ve still got error 148.

Does somebody know the exact list of environment var needed by such a program ?

Anybody can help ?

Thanks in advance.

Jean-Paul BLANC

Hello Jean-Paul,
it seems that the variable ADALNK is not set properly. Can you check that ?
Kurt Vasconi


perhaps your daemon is linked without -lpthread and -lcl. These
two flags are documented in ADABAS v3.3.3 in C example makefile.

I think these two options are necessary to use ADALNK in this
ADABAS version >v3.3.2 .

My 2 cents,


Hi Jean-Paul,

The problem could be that LD_LIBRARY_PATH by security reasons is unset by the operating system for your daemon.

Either run sagenv explicitely within your daemon (this will set LD_LIBRARY_PATH) or just set $ADALNK to $ADADIR/$ADAVERS/ before you start.