TRNSERV error getting delivery job status deliveryId required

On Friday I rearranged my processing rules. I also modified the email address in Enterprise. Since that time I am getting the error shown below on this package. The person who originally wrote this has left our company and I am at a total loss this is the only transaction we have of this type.

Document type is found
Processing Rule is found
The document is given an InternalID
My trading partner says the connection is open… they also say they are NOT getting the documents

The flow written is as follows

Repeat **** ERROR is thrown HERE ****
Branch on ‘deliveryStatus’

THE error

SUMMARY INFORMATION: Message: Encountered an unexpected Service Exception webMethods Service Name: RmOutXMLOrder_Cooper.Control:processCCOrders RmCommon.Misc:handleError DETAILED MESSAGE(S): TRNSERV.000005.000070 Error getting delivery job status “deliveryId” is required. “deliveryId” is required. at at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor302.invoke(Unknown Source) at

getDeliveryStatus should not be used

TN task flows are more reliable

Yes you would have to use get Task status flows to get any status on the Delivery method tasks that are logged in the ActivityLog/Tasks.