Triggers and procedures on ADABAS

I have not used triggers before but I want to trap certain data manipulations in a certain file and I wonder if triggers can be used to create a before image file especially when a delete is done by the DBA or programmer?
In our AOS the Trigger option is disabled, how can I enable this option in AOS?
I would appreciate any help on the matter.

Adabas Stored Procedures & Triggers (aka SPT) are an add-oin product to Adabas, sou you would first have to check if your site got a license for it and the product is installed.

Secondly, from the documentation

In case you do not have SPT licensed your requirement can probably be satisfied by extracting the information from the PLOGs.


Adabas Triggers & Procedures require an Adabas Online Services license (in terms of a contract)


Thank you for the response I will look into the company’s contract in this regard and take it from there.