Triggering a business process with XMLAdapter


we’re designing a business process with Business Integrator 4.6. The process shall be started via putting a xml-file in a certain directory. This file is to be parsed into an enterprise document which will be the data basis of the whole process.

Concerning XML Adapter, there are three interesting operation templates: file poll, file read and parseXML. But I don’t know how to use the file poll. BI generates an integration component with a scripted operation. This scripted operation contains the logic of the BI-task. But the file poll has to be before starting the process, hasn’t it?


Configured ops that do notifications are a little different. You’ll note that the icon of the operation contains a little arrow. This indicates that it is a notification-style op–the adapter will invoke the operation when the adapter detects the triggering activity. There is nothing you need to do explicitly to poll other than to configure the operation to do what you want it to do (pub an event, invoke another configured or scripted op, etc.).