trigger wm.prt.status:handleChangeCommand on error


I m connecting an Integration server (webmethods 9.7) with Nirvana Universal Messaging

JNDI Provider Alias is configured , the test lookup is also ok, all the assert are displayed

but the webMethods Messaging Trigger Control is returning an error:
“ com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nChannelNotFoundException: Channel could not be found on the server:Find : /wm/is/wm/prt/status/ChangeCommand : [0] class RequestID:3440”

i tried to reboot Num server and the IS , but no change

Have you came by this error?

Thks for the help



Can you check your Connection Factory in the JNDI tab in Enterprise Manager? Make sure the URL within the connection factory is not defined with localhost. It should contain the actual hostname of your UM server. That could explain why the channel is not found.


Chama – Make sure you have also set the proper ACL’s to your channel. If possible plz attach screen shots.


Hi Chama,

did you synchronize the internal doc types via Designer after connecting IS and UM?

Restart IS afterwards.