Trigger service set for Auditing

I thought if the trigger service that has audit enable, I should see it in the MWS>Applications>Monitoring>Integration>Services whenever the service fails. That’s my understanding but I’m not getting any results or matches found.


Can you please let us know, how did you enable Audit for trigger service.
Monitoring services are only for IS services transactions ( Flow service, adapter services etc…) but not for trigger service.
Can you please mention your version as well.

Ajay Jami.

I think he is referring to the service specified in the trigger as “trigger service”


If you want to use auditing for the flow services, you can check the below settings and configurations.

1> Make sure WmMonitor home page is configured with correct MWS details
2> Check the SAML URL is correctly configured in Resource page on IS
3> Make sure you have MWS users, groups and ACL i.,e Central User Management should show as configured
4> Check if remote servers for the local IS is correctly configured
5> Share the screenshot of your flow service with audit properties set.

M@he$h is correct that I was referring to the flow service that the trigger adapter service invoke. Attached are the screenshot that you asked for.

Attached is what I’m seeing in MWS>Monitor>Integration>Services

As Data Level Security in the WmMonitor config, you need to configure the role in MWS in which your user is a member of the grant acces to this service.

as MWS Administor go to System Wide → Users Management → Roles
open the role and go to DataLevelSecurity → Services.
You can select either “Access to all Services” or specify the service(s) you are interested in.


You seem to have enabled the audit logging for a

  1. Top-level service only
  2. Only in case of Errors

Did your Trigger service execution result in an error, if not nothing would be logged.


Byreddy I purposedly forced the service to exception so I expect to see it in the MWS monitored section. Hence, I asked this question.

The intent or goal that I’m trying to easily achieve is to resubmit a failed publishable document that uses UM. AFIK, without any development, UM does not provide document resubmission or viewing the payload content. With the respect to the old Broker, this was available in MWS/Broker section.

Holger, you said “open the role and go to DataLevelSecurity → Services.” I don’t see what you are referring to as it doesn’t exist.

Also, attach the flow service screenshots showing the child steps under catch step.

The catch block has an “EXIT” step with a “FAILURE”.

Hi cwstorm,
Just to test, try changing the ‘Audit>Log on’ property of your trigger service to ‘Error, success and start’ and see if it makes any difference.

If possible could you also share the flow.xml or a snapshot of your trigger service?


Bhaskar it doesn’t make any difference. I have an incident with SAG regarding this so hopefully it’s a configuration missed somewhere. Oddly, I can see the failed IS service in the IS admin console but it doesn’t show up in the MWS>Monitoring section.

Not sure if you have missed to mention about the getLastError, make sure the the trigger service is as below:

Main (success)
  Try (failure)
     --- you logic
 Catch (done)
   -- getLastError
   -- Exit flow and signal failure (%lastError/error%

M@he$h I’ve missed to mentioned it.