Trigger filter condition for UM


I am migrating a document type to UM from Broker. There are 2 subscribers to the doc type. Below are the filter conditions post changing the trigger filter to UM:

Target 1 : Message.PayLoad.IntegrationServer.ReturnConfig = ‘p’

Target 2 : Message.PayLoad.IntegrationServer.ReturnConfig <> ‘p’ (Is the syntax correct ??)

If ReturnConfig = ‘p’ , ideally Target 1 should subscribe. But in my case, Target 2 is also subscribing.

However, if ReturnConfig <> ‘p’, only Target 2 is subscribing.

Has anyone faced this issue before ??

Looks like the target2 filter criteria is not evaluated at all. So if value=p, both subscribers are invoked but if value != p then only target2 is getting invoked(as the filter there is not valid thus its equivalent to not having a filter at target2)
Can you try this operator != for not equal to and see if it works? Also check UM/Service development documentation for more info.


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Yes please try with != operator and it should do the trick.

Pls keep us posted with the results!!