I’m facing an issue in talking to the partner in the process model(sending RNO - rosettanet object )

[B2B_GEN.100599] Proccess Model failed with below details
Error            :com.wm.estd.chemical.RosettaNetException: com.wm.estd.chemical.transport.TransportException: com.wm.estd.chemical.transport.TransportException: com.wm.estd.chemical.networkTransport.NetworkTransportException: com.wm.estd.chemical.RosettaNetException: Peer sent alert: Alert Fatal: unexpected message

Thank you,

reading the error: Peer sent alert: Alert Fatal: unexpected message
maybe that the doc type you are sending is not supported by your partner’s system.
Or, if you are signing/encrypting the doc, the other side is not configured to do so.

But when I reprocess the document, its going fine. So, I suppose the problem is with the partner. Need to find what is cause of this problem. The problem is not clear.


Yes…please check with your TP network/operations team also involved:

Thank you rmg!, the issue is with the partner. Partner after recent infra update, is having only 5 connections for us. So, the rest requests are failing out, with this weird error.

Any how, the error was identified.

Thank you guys!