Hi everybody!
Is it possible that casabac 4.0 is ignoring the translation reference tag in the XML?
A csv file (for examply XYZ2) defined in this tag with a name unequal to the model name (for example XYZ) is not used
is this problem known and will it or is it already fixed in a newer version??
have fun

Hi Achim,

I’m also using casabac 4.0 and have no problems with the translation reference tag in the xml…
For example:

and the path to the main.csv is

The can be e.g. D or de or E or en…, depending on the language that you set.

The multilanguage folder must be at the same level as the generated html files. E.g. if you put them into a folder named layouts, you have to create the multilanguage folder in the layouts folder…

There is also a chapter in the manual “Multi Language Management”.

H. Johannes

Hi hjo!
thanks for your reply. unfortunately we are doing it here the way described by you and in the manual and it is not working :^(
So I don’t know, what I’m doing wrong
have fun

Are you sure that the csv file is placed in a folder which is named as the language which is set?

Hi hjo!
yes - and here is the solution of the problem!
XML were created using casabac 2.5.
There is an attribute pagename which was used to explixitely state the name of the corresponding html file
it looke somethng like that

somehow the attribute prevents casabac from using the attribute translationreference correctly.
After deleting the pagename attribute everything is working o.k.
thanks for your help