Hi everybody!
is it possible to change the textcolor in csvcolumns?
so far i have only be succesful in chnage font-weight and background color
may be i overlook some thing quit obvious
have fun

Hi Achim,

you’are sure that you passed the eigth style-info. “color:#FF0000”, not “text-colo:…” or “font-color:…”. Sorry for asking. We just tested this here + did not have any problem (besides finding out: you have to set the for each columns, otherwise the style or previous columns will be automatically copied to the follow on columns; but that’s somtehing different :wink: …).


hi bjoern!
thanks for your answer - yes i did pass the the style color in the form you advertised, but - only for the cells i wanted to change. so the second part of your post might apply - i will try it as soon as my computer s fixed (after a fried mother board)
have fun

hi everybody!
i finally hit on the solution for the problem. the way i build the format string as semicolon separated string, it seems the first entry is ignored.
if i put a semicolon before the first entry like in the example below, everything is fine
\;background-color:#d8d8d8\;font-weight: bold\;color:#ff0000
have fun