Transidium adapter and invoking RPG program

Hi there,
Does anybody have experience working with Transidium adapter? If so, I’d liek to hear a feedback on the adapter functionality and stability.

Also, does anybody ever try to invoke an RPG program in AS400 from any adapter? If so, what adapter do you use? How do you do that? Is there any additional step/compilation/program that you need to do before hand?

Vendy Marijono

I will be attempting this in the near future, also. Any help would be appreciated…

John Donahue

Hi there,

I may not be looking for a transidium adapter, cos I have no such idea of this adapter ever exist? but i need to know how can i invoke RPG programs. Any ideas, anyone?


Following on from William’s question, I am in a similar predicament.
William, have you received any response?
Appreciate any assistance


Folks, there is an AS/400 adapter available from the GFA team within webMethods. You can find info at the following url:

The GFA Fact Sheets link has an AS/400 Adapter fact sheet which will give you more info. If you have questions, please email