Transformation using remote stylesheets is not allowed

i get the error message “Transformation using remote stylesheets is not allowed” and don’t know what that means.
I use this Query:

when i use this Query it works, but without xsl transformation which is normal.

thank you for your help

From a bit of experimentation today, the passthru servlet seems to check if the hostname portion of the servlet request matches the hostname portion of the _xslsrc parameter. If they differ, and the servlet parameter in web.xml is set to no (default):


then you get this error. I can’t see why you are getting this error because both hostnames appear to be “localhost”. But you could try setting allowremote to yes in web.xml and see if it bypasses the problem for now.

Hi Eric

pls check the documentation of the “allowremote” parameter in the section “Configuring the Tamino Passthru Servlet” - that should answer your question.

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Thank you for your reply.

I was setting allowremote to yes but i still get the same error. is there anybody out there who experienced the same problem? I’m using Tamino, Apache 1.3.27 Tomcat 3.3a, jdk 1.4 and TaminoPassthruServlet 4_1_1_1.

This message definitely means that the servlet thinks the allowremote parameter is set to “no”. I think there must be something wrong in your configuration.

(You also need to be aware that allowing a remote stylesheet to be loaded from an untrusted site on the web is a security risk. It might contain calls to Java extension functions which execute on your server and can cause arbitrary damage.)

Michael Kay