trading partner satellite application to TN

I’ve got a very lightweight application that connects to a changing API. Need to pump data out of the API into TN to replace an existing service. I can’t write this in developer code due to ‘IT governance’.

The question is, what is the best way to publish messages to TN from another application without writing developer code? Ideally inbuilt jms in tn that picks up the existing canonical I have listeners on would be good. What inbound options does TN have?

It’s a bit open ended but I am curious, as this does apply to other business units that want to drop messages to TN - who do not have access to wm and tn due to aforementioned IT governance.

So do you want canonical documents routed to TN from other external sources? Is the TN being used first time in your in house applications?

Can they do HTTP post the messages to TN or the only option for them is to use JMS queues?

What webMethods IS/TN/Broker configuration right now in place?