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Hi all,

How to handle Large Flatfile(>100MB) in Trading Networks? can you explain me please…

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Cherry Sri.

pls start with some documentation:
IS Admin Guide, 32, Configuring Enhanced XML Parse
TN Admin guide, D, Large Document handling

Hi Cherry,

I know it’s late to reply on this thread and Tong already guided you to follow some documentation.
However I would like to highlight few points here, which can be helpful while handling large document in Trading Networks (TN).

Sometimes one may get in Integration Server logs, while trying to retrieve a large file in TN.

  • One need to configure the following property so that Trading Networks considers certain documents as “large documents”: tn.BigDocThreshold=
    This property can be configured in <webMethods_directory>/IntegrationServer/packages/WmTN/config/properties.cnf file, or on the Integration

Server Administrator > Solutions > Trading Networks > Settings > TN Properties page, or on the My webMethods Server > Administration > Integration > B2B Settings > Server Settings page.

  • Also configure following properties if TN is configured for handling large files-
    These properties can be found either in the <webMethods_directory>/IntegrationServer/server.cnf file, or on the Integration Server Administrator > Settings > Extended Settings page.

  • Sometimes due to HTTP timeout in TN server, these large files may be deleted. Hence one may need to extend the time-to-live interval so that the large file can stay in the tspace directory for a longer duration before Integration Server purges it. The default value is 0, which means that the file will be deleted when a new reservation file is written in the tspace directory.