Trading Networks Transaction Log

This morning we ran into an issue where our transaction log for TN was full. This caused us not to be able to see any new documents in TN. We archived the log file and increased the size it could be in the database and now we’re seeing all of the new transactions.

We still can’t see any of the documents that were submitted during the time the log file was too big. When I look in the database I can see that the transactions were logged in the ‘Activity Log’ and the documents are listed in the ‘BizDoc’ table, but does anybody know how we can see the documents that were submitted from the console? Also, will any new docuements that require us to retrieve ones submitted during the empty time frame be able to find them?

Thanks for any help!

There is a service “”, and it deletes data from BizDoc table. “” has two parameters;

  1. archibeAfterDays
  2. deleteAfterDays
    and you can specifiy when data should be moved from BizDoc table to BizDocArchive (by 1) and when data in BizDoc table and other log tables should be deleted.

We run this service once a day by schedule to eliminate old log data.

Hope it will help you.

Hi Emiko
If you run this scheduler everyday then you will not be able to see yesterday docs in TN. Is it right? If yes then what are you doing to see old docs in TN.


It depends on the “archiveAfterDays” and “deleteAfterDays” settings. If they are greater than 1, then you’ll still see yesterdays docs.

Oh Yes…Thanks Rob

also see [url=“”]