Bizdoc got deleted from TN schema


Bizdoc got deleted from TN schema while doing restart. Can anyone tell me that how I can restore back the Bizdoc in TN schema. I am using version 6.5 of TN

You mean TN schema in database? or the bizDoc document?

TN schema in database

As an option try running to data base configuration for the TN product.

Not sure how it works in wM 6.5 I have never worked on this version before…:frowning:

Hi Pritam,

If you say bizdoc got deleted mean Document type is deleted from TN or a row got deleted in Bizdoc table

If document is deleted, You can recreate it again/Deploy from lower environment

If row got deleted in Bizdoc table, Contact DB Admin to perform restore on tables and make sure no latest changes get effected


Yes for this kind of issue your DBA can help restoring the affected tables unless they have weekly/nightly back up’s taking place on a regular basis.