Trading Networks Processing Rule Action

Hello All,

I have a question regarding the TN processing rule action, what is the average time, the TN should take to execute a service and then change the user status, in TN.

In our TN I noticed that it is taking like 6342 milli secs for some of the documents and for some of them it is taking 439 milli secs.

Can anybody tell me is that has to do something with the size of the document or if there is anything that we need to check, one thing I noticed is that our main service which is executed by the processing action step, calls like around 5 child services, is that is the reason for the long time the TN is taking to change the User status.


Hi Sashi,

The time it takes to change the status mainly depends on the document size(check the TN user guide for large document handling). It also depends when you are changing the status of the transaction, if you are performing different kinds of functions on the data and you are changing the status in the end then offcourse it would take some time for the status to get change. The way I do it is just validate the data and sends the response to client and change the status. Then I send that data again to Trading Network for processing, this way you don’t hold up customer for response if your system is running slow and in case something goes wrong while processing the data you can always resubmit or reprocess(depends on the scenario) the transaction without having customer to resend it.