Trading Networks 4.6 - digital signature

I am facing problem in setting up self-signed certificates for verifying documents… I have only one self-signed digital certificate and in TNConsole we have to specify certificate and CA certificate as well. In my case CA is the cert itself. AFter importing the cert I tried to import the same cert as CA as well ; then I got the error complaining ’ The CA certificate you tried to import already exists as Client certificate".

Has anyone faced similar problems?

Appreicate any help in this regard.



Are you using TN 4.6? Id so, you need to install the fix for self-signing certs:
TNS_4-6_FIX_1 on the server, and
TNC_4-6_FIX_2 on the Console


Hi All,

I need to replace the expired digital signature certificates in webMethods 6.1
These two certificates are provided by Partner and they are in .CER format.

Can anyone please help in getting this issue resolved.


We were using WM 6.1 XCertificate Toolkit to convert the .cer cert to .der format for loading into TN.

Hi sarvarpasha,

Check the Order of the Certificates and should root certificate should Installed first and Certificate chain should be in order.