EDIINT User Mapping while installng certificates

Hi, I m a beginner for EDIINT and involved in a project for EDIINT Migration from 4.6 to 6.1. I imported Trading networks profile, doc types, processing rules and so on , successuflly. According to WebMethods Documentation, one cannot import/export certificates. So now I have to install certificates for each partner profile. I succeeded installing certificate in “Encrypt” tab of partner profile but I was getting error while installing the same certificate for “Verify” tab. While exploring more documentation, I knew that I have to install the same certificate on Integration Server also using WebMethods Administrator. I did that and now I m getting some error relating to the User Mapping with that certificate. I m not sure, where i was wrong. If someone can guide me some steps to install certificates in Trading Networks, I’d appreciate.


Hello Nilesh,

Have you installed the certificate for IS under the Security → Certificate option.

Additionally could you provide what is the exact error that you are encountering.

-Rajesh Rao