Tradacoms invoices

We have installed the Tradacoms adapter as we need to send/receive various Tradacoms messages. Unfortunately the documentation is a bit ‘light’ and whilst we have managed to receive and split a Tradacoms ordhdr message successfully, we are struggling to construct an outbound invoice.
Does anyone out there have any experience using this package that could offer some advice, specifically regarding the segment counters - do these all have to be handled manually , and batching of invoices.
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I have not used Tradacoms but it seems like you’re having eveloping problems.
Segment counters are added when you group and envelope you transaction set. There is also and EDI batch service as well.
What version of wm are you on?
Depending on your version there are many fixes available. What fixes have you applied?

Update us and see if we can help you further.

We are on version 6.1.
I am now generating outbound invoices and credits successfully as individual documents, but my next challenge is to batch them based on the value in a specific element. I have managed to create a batch, but the format is not as I expect it to be. The software I have used previously creates the batch with an MHD=1+INVFIL:9 - the header record, MHD=2+INVOIC+9 - the actual invoice, there may be many of these, MHD=n+VATTLR:9 - there will be one per batch for each different VAT rate and MHD=n+INVTLR:9 - there will be one per batch containing the overall batch totals. Using WebMethods batching I appear to have a VATTLR after every INVOIC which is not the format expected by my trading partner. Please could someone advise firstly on the format, and secondly how I can batch for the same partner but seperate batches based on a specific value ?
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I’m new to Tradacoms standard mapping. Could you give me the steps on how to use tradacoms.convertToString, batch transmissions?.

Have you reviewed the EDI Module user guide for processing TRADACOM transaction payloads?

Also use the keyword search functionality on the tradacoms.convertToString you should get some hits and or in general about tradacoms it can give some idea on the steps for edi parsing.