I could not find TRADACOMS SEF file in the wbmethods EDI directory.
Does webMethods support this standard?
where can I find the SEF file.


I too am looking to implement TRADACOM. I saw this post and wanted to find out if there was resolution. Please advise on whether you implemented TRADACOM using the SEF files.



You can create the SEF files with tools like EDIFECS or EDISIM. If you get the EDIFECS tool make sure you ask for the supplemental disk. That’s the one with TRADACOM standards.
Now the bad news. You will need WM professional services to still create the doc types for you. Initially I thought it was just a database entry for the doc type but there’s some other stuff going behind the scene that they have to do.
I had to investigate this for an EDIFACT 91.1 INVOIC. In my case we decided to create the INVOIC as 92.1 as wm supported that version. Before sending to customer we flipped the version to 91.1. Therefore I don’t know cost or time estimates for creating the doc types.
I’m using 6.0.1. Don’t know if it was addressed in 6.1.


Hi Chris,

Our customer was using webMethods ES 5.0, XML adapter along with some custom parser to convert tradacoms files to xml format. Currently they are shifting to webMethods 6.0 platform. The earlier broker based integration will not be fit in the new 6.0 architecture.
We checked with webMethods adapter development team. The TRADACOMS adapter will be available in June 2004 and will cost $25K and another $5K for professional services. I don’t know about the price for above EDIFECS tool mentioned by you. Also prices of webMethods professional services.
We are evaluating best approach for the customer.

  1. Is it advisable to continue 5.0 ES architecture or to migrate to 6.0?
  2. Is it advisable to use TRADACOMS adapter whenever supplied by webMethods or to use EDIFECS?

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

I search a SEF file corresponding to EDIGAS to create a flat file schema from this file.
EDIGAS is an EDI format message.
The EDI standard selected for those messages is the UN/EDIFACT standard.
The EDIFACT definition can be found in the D 96.A Directory published by the UN/ECE.
Can we use the provided 96A.sef file or make adaptations on it to take into account EDIGAS specificities
Thank you