Tracking Replay Widget not working


I m on 10.16 and installed the latest widget plugin at Releases · SoftwareAG/cumulocity-tracking-replay-map-widget-plugin · GitHub

I can add the widget on my dashboard; with a device producing a regular interval some c8y_LocationUpdate
While I can see the tracking events on the DM app, nothing is displayed on the widget

Could it be an issue because i m running it on 10.16?



I have tested the cumulocity-tracking-replay-map-widget-plugin and ran in 10.16

i did not find any issues,it is working fine…

can you please send me your configuration as you can see on my screenshot that it looks totally dirrent. I added the widget for a particulat device

@Melanie_Monnereau, could you please check if you get any errors in the developer tools console? Missing button icons might indicate an error while loading the template of the widget.

@Pawel_Rynarzewski1 no error in the console

Can you also provide the UI version and backend version you are using please


Backend: 1016.0.259
UI: 1016.0.214

Are you running this in app builder or cockpit?


cockpit which has been cloned so i can install the widget packages on it

Hi Melanie,

Have you installed this plugin in combination with other plugins on the same app? If so, try uninstalling the other plugins and check if you are running into the same issues with just the tracking replay widget installed.

If this solves it, you could try to narrow down the combination of plugins that breaks the behaviour, by installing the different plugins one by one again.

This is the configuration for tracking replay map plugin…

Hi Tristan
I installed a lot of widgets on my cockpit which are already in use by several dashboards. So i def dont want to uninstall them as I will lose precious time to reconfigure everything;… I will pass on this tracking widget. It would have been nice to have it but i ll show the tracking on the DM device page instead.

The events are coming fine after proper configuration in the tracking replay widget,

However, we have identified some CSS issues causing the icons not display properly. For that we have planned to release a fix in version 1.0.1. This update will ensure that the icons are rendered correctly, enhancing the overall appearance and usability of the widget.

Additionally, we are updating the documentation for the better explanations and understanding how to configure the widget.

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