How to create a generic or common dashboard for a particular group of assets

How to create a generic or common dashboard for a particular group of assets with data from their child devices for the widgets.

Product/components used and version/fix level:

Backend: 1014.0.172
UI: 1014.0.172

Detailed explanation of the problem:

Please help to create a generic dashboard for a particular group of assets with data from their child devices for the widgets.
Challenge being faced is:
When we are creating a dashboard for a group of assets and add the widgets pointing the data point of child devices, seems, it is not getting saved as when revisited all selected devices for the widget is lost and need to select the data point again.

Please suggest how to achieve the same.

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?



Hi @matiur.rahman

just for completeness. Which widget you are talking about? And can you post a screen of that issue?

For example if we take Tracking Replay map, when we select the child device say DM_401608, we can see the tracking map, but once we go back and come again the child selection is not available, we can see only the Group selection. As device is not selected, we cannot see the tracking on the map.
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Seems like a bug for me of adding (working) & editing (not-working) a device in the tracking replay widget
This is an open-source plugin. You can create an issue here: GitHub - SoftwareAG/cumulocity-tracking-replay-map-widget-plugin: The Tracking Replay Map widget help you to track and replay device location on map. Created by Global Presales.

@Stefan_Witschel ,
It seems it’s not about Tracking Replay map only. For all the widgets added to a dashboard of a group or parent device fetching the data from child devices.

Let me explain bit more.
Say, we have an asset and it has few child devices and create a dashboard for the asset fetching the data from the child devices.
If we add widget selecting the child device, it will work as expected. But if we navigate away from the page and come back again for the same asset, the previously selected device will be automatically deselected, and hence not able to display what is expected.

As you suggested we will try the option as mentioned, could you suggest how can we achieve the requirement please.


Hi @matiur.rahman

I tried to reproduce the behavior but for me the device is still selected even after refresh and closing - reopening the dashboard.
Could it be that the device is not correctly assigned to the asset? What versions do you use?

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@Stefan_Witschel ,
We are using
Backend: 1014.0.172
UI: 1014.0.172

Oh sorry I missed that. That’s pretty old it might be that this is fixed in later versions. I tried 1018.0.151 and everything works like expected.

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Yeah, It’s bit old and in Production, what best can be done with this version, please suggest.

As a next step you can create a support ticket so our support can check if this is a known bug and resolved in later version (which I assume, because for me this issue does not occur anymore).
They will also guide you to which version you might be upgrading to resolve the issue.

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