Tracking lost HTTP Messages

Hi All,

In our wM 8.0 environment, Java-based HTTP client is sending messages and is also getting HTTP 200 response from webMethods. The webMethods service has debugLog as first step and puts entry into server.log. Somehow, I don’t see any entry in webMethods logs, even though HTTP client is getting HTTP 200 response.

To debug this, I have put log level to ‘Trace’ for “HTTP Request”, “HTTP Response” in Logging->Server Logger. Server logger top-level setting is ‘Info’. Please let me know if you want more information.

Can you guide me about any other setting I can change to get as information as possible in debugging this.


May be try using the getTransportInfo as the first step and then log the result doc to the pipeline and see if that helps!


Check what Content-Type the client is using, if you are expecting xml, use text/xml
use getTransportInfo you can tell the content-type client is using.

What can help us help you are the following:

  • Details about the service being called. What are the defined input(s)?
  • Details of how the caller is calling the service. URL, parameters, content-type, etc.