Trace Error

I am tracing a mapping service. During trace, I am getting the following error:

An error occurred while tracing. java.lang.NumberFormatException: null

I checked my pipeline variables and they are ok. I am mapping to the database table record structure which in turn inserts data into database.

Thank You

Looks like one of the variable should have a number and the value that is getting passed is null. Please check the fields and make sure which are the fields that should be numbers in the table.
Thanks and good luck.

By any chance r u using “numericFormat” Built in Service. Then the input “num” cannot be null. Long time ago, we too were getting the same error !!!

Solution : U need to check the contents before you use these services.


I am not using that built in service. I looked at the database table and give the values for required fields during tracing. But the error is still same.
If I can use some other method for tracing and inputting the variables? Because I have a large bizDoc document and it has large number of inputs.
When I send document through TN, it does not show any error but its not inserting anything in DB (the field which I want to be inserted in DB).
And when I trace the required flow, It gives me error above.

Any suggestions would be appretriated