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I have a COM-PLETE 621/TPF that was working with CICS v41. The CICS was upgraded to TS22 and I am looking for some help reconnecting the two.

In the SRCT lib jobs (JCLASMCI) runs modules thru a ‘pre-processor’ program DFHEAP1$ & (JCLLINCI) does a link of TPF modules for the CICS environment.

Do some or all of these have to run thru the ‘pre-processor’ and re-link?

What about modules that I do not have source for?

Is there anything else in the ‘Installing TPF in the Host Environment-
Installation under CICS’ - possibly ACSTAB (JCLASMTB)?

Any help/ideas are appreciated.


Brad Basile


The Com-plete/TPF modules are split into environment independent and dependent parts.

So for a new release of CICS you need to re-assemble the TP-monitor dependent pieces (ACSCICS, ASCPCICS and ASCBCICS) and then re-link these with the dependent modules (you don’t need to source of these).

The ASCTAB module is system independent, you should not have to re-assemble it.