TPA referenced Tables in Database : TPA and TPA_Details

Whenever we are adding a new TPA in MWS, corresponding table in database(table name : TPA) gets updated with the new row with the new TPA information.
also when the newly created TPA is filled with all the required details like S2C,C2D,Scenario,DeliveryService,etc,etc, the same gets updated in corresponding table in database(table name : TPA_Details ).

This was working for few days,but now the updation of TPA_Details table is not happening, can anyone suggest what can be the problem? and how to solve this?

Need details below:

wM version
Error message

wM version : 9.0 SP1

Error message : no error message.

The TPA details are getting updated in MWS, but the same is not getting reflected/saved in DATABASE table(TPA_Details).

Are you sure that the table TPA_DETAILS is part of wM TN product stack. I see only below tables for TPA related

1> TPA
2> TPALock

Thanks Mahesh for the answer.
But my doubt is, whenever we Open a TPA, we need to fill the necessary/mandatory TPA DATA values(like S2C,C2D,Scenario,DeliveryService,MessageType).
1.Can you please let me know which table in Database is used to store these TPA DATA value?
2. If there is no such table, how the TPA DATA is fetched?

Let me create few TPA’s and I will let you know. Stay tuned :wink:

TPA table is the only table used to store TPA settings.
the field: TpaData contain all the detailed settings in a IData object. if you updated a TPA, all the changes may only be reflected in this field.

Thanks Mahesh and Tong.

The TpaData field contains information in an encrypted format in the database.
I tried to decrypt it using some SQL query, still no result.
There might be some table which stores the TPAData in a readable format,so that we can extract the details for multiple TPA at a time and store it for future references,I am looking for that table.

Use the below link to convert Hex code to string