Tooltips or other hover-over effect

I’ve been asked to display data in a tabular format within a tooltip. I’ve found that tooltips can support multiple rows and tabs, but with variable length data and variable-width fonts, ensuring data lines up is problematic. Tooltips also do not seem to support HTML table tags.

Can tooltips be made to support a tabular format? If not, can a stylesheet be modified to make tooltips use a fixed width font?

jQuery supports mouse-over effects that would perform the functionality I need. Is there a way to use jQuery controls within a NATPAGE? If this can be done, and it involves custom controls, any tips would be welcome as I failed miserably the last time I tried to figure custom controls out. :?

Thank you.

To get a general start with NJX custom controls and jQuery you might wish to try the attached example project. Important: to see and review the custom control configuration files in the project you need to modify the filters in the NaturalONE perspective so that the folder cisconfig is shown.

Good luck and best regards,
Thomas (9.29 KB)

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Thank you for the sample project Thomas. I look forward to trying figure this out.