too many open files

Hi All,

we are facing a problem at production server.
error we are getting is “Too Many Open Files”.
due this some time FTP,SMTP,HTTP ports r not working.
some times we not able to write a file…

can any one please suggest, how to solve this.


Looks like your operating system is running out of open file descriptors, this problem commonly comes because of operating system limitation and not application.

You need to determine the following:

  1.   What is the current ulimit set at?
  2.   How fast are the file handles being taken?

Also take a thread dump, after analyzing the above collected data, if you need to increase the limit for number of open file descriptors, you can either set the ulimit parameter in file(depends on the IS version) or run the following command on operating system which needs root access, so that might be done by System Administrator:

“ulimit -n nnnn (Where is nnnn is the desired number of open files)”

BTW which OS are you using ?

Not sure if it’s the case, but for WM IS version 6.5 and earlier, the file-based repo server will open files for different objects that are being persisted there. If there are many objects being accessed, these files will be open until IS repo close it. On windows, there is a limit of 1k files that one process can open.
check your IntegrationServer\WmRepository2 dir, see if you have more than 1k files there, if you do, then it’s the case. You should find what’s saved in those files and how to clearn them up.
Hope this helps,

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